Kuih Bahulu Globe Necklace – Miniature Asian Chef
Kueh Bahulu Globe Necklace

Kuih Bahulu Globe Necklace



1. The Kuih Bahulu Globe Necklace contains 6 tiny pieces of Kuih Bahulus. The glass pendant is approximately 2cm in diameter. The cap is Stainless Steel. 

2. The Kuih Bahulus are made from high quality polymer clay. Each piece is hand sculpted with lots of detail.

3. The material of the necklace chain is Stainless Steel. The chain measures approximately 16 inches long. 18 or 28 inch chains are also available, please make your selection before confirming your purchase.

4. Comes with a velvet drawstring bag and box.

These pieces are handmade with polymer clay or resin, so please handle with care. Do not expose these pieces to water or high heat. If it comes into contact with water, please dab the affected area gently with a dry towel/tissue. Keep accessories in an airtight ziplock bag and a dry box. 

Please feel free to email us if you have any questions.