Miniature Kueh Platter – Miniature Asian Chef
Miniature Kueh Platter - Ang Ku Kueh, Kueh Dar Dar, Lapis Sagu, Ondeh Ondeh
Miniature Singapore Food - Kueh Kueh Platter by Miniature Asian Chef
Miniature Singapore Food Kueh Platter

Miniature Kueh Platter


This is a back order item. It will ship 3 weeks after the order is made. 

1. This Miniature Kueh Platter consists of Ang Ku Kuehs, Kueh Dar Dar, Ondeh Ondehs and slices of Lapis Sagu.

2. Each piece is attached to the wooden Tray.

3. All are handmade with quality polymer clay and is one-of-a-kind. 

4. This can be made as a magnet, please choose preference before adding to cart. 

5. For serious Adult collectors. Not a toy.