No. 8 Bracelet – Miniature Asian Chef
No. 8 Bracelet
No. 8 Bracelet

No. 8 Bracelet


This is a listing for one No. 8 Bracelet.


1. The No. 8 is made with polymer clay.

2. As each charm is handmade, do note that there may be slight differences on each charm.

3. The standard length of the bracelet chain is 17cm.

4. Each No. 8 is approximately 1.5cm wide x 2.5cm tall.


These pieces are handmade with polymer clay or resin, so please handle with care. Do not expose these pieces to water or high heat. If it comes into contact with water, please dab the affected area gently with a dry towel/tissue. Keep accessories in an airtight ziplock bag and a dry box.

Please read my store's policies before making the purchase.