Miniature Asian Chef Wedding Pastry Earring Studs
Wedding Pastry (囍饼) Ear Studs
Wedding Pastry (囍饼) Ear Studs

Wedding Pastry (囍饼) Ear Studs

The Chinese word "Xi" or 囍 means double happiness and is a symbol of marriage.

These Double Happiness Chinese Wedding Pastry are commonly purchased by soon-to-wed couples to be given away as gifts to their families and loved ones.

1. Each pastry is approximately 1cm wide.

2. Made with high quality polymer clay. As each piece is handmade, do note that there may be slight differences. There may be colour variations due to lighting and screen settings. 

3. Choose material of earring posts from the following options:

A) SURGICAL Stainless Steel; or 
B) Nickel-free Titanium (add S$2). 

4. For hygiene reasons, earrings sold are not exchangeable nor refundable.


Please do not wash your hands while wearing the ring. For more information on how to take care of your jewellery and the materials which we use, please visit